There are no formal rules to follow when it comes to packing disks and selecting CD and DVD cases. However, when you’re looking to get commercial benefits out of them, you’re sure to have to follow some rules and say that if you’re ready for mass distribution, your disks need to get in. In other words, when used for marketing and promotion, the content of the disks, as well as the exterior, would be equally important, and therefore both would need equal attention. The exteriors can be enchanted and captivated by using high-quality, custom-made CD and DVD cases, but only after learning about the styles available on the market. Remember that this information will help you choose the correct cover or case for your disk based on its contents.

CDs and DVDs for Music Demo

  • According to experts from companies offering CD / DVD duplication services, slim-line cases are the best option if you want to give your disks to record companies and print people.
  • The reason why this version of covers and CD / DVD cases is preferred is that if it is stored in another form, such as jewel case or digipak, it would be difficult for the company to recognize the disk.
  • Another explanation is that because it’s a slimmer version, it fits nicely inside the press kit without taking too much room or making the box bulky or clumsily made.
  • Another very important reason behind this suggestion, according to the experts, is its economic availability.
  • Nevertheless, at the time of collection, you need to make sure that you choose good quality slimline cases for your disks, not just from some random supplier.
  • If the content is formal or, in any case, just make sure that the CD / DVD cases and covers are not as vibrant, bright or sparkling as they are then, they may appear tawdry.
  • Experts also recommend paying equal attention to the artwork to be used along with CD and DVD cases, and you have the ability to choose one from the stock artwork or to get one tailor-made according to your needs and requirements.

Album/Audio CD

  • As far as albums and audio CDs and DVDs are concerned, CD and DVD reproduction experts say that they are available in nearly every color, design or style.
  • Moreover, for decades now, the first choice as far as these albums and audio discs are concerned, for decades now, both producers and manufacturers have chosen jewel cases over any other type available on the markets.
  • The main reason for this is the shortage of space to accommodate the artwork and experts say that there is a space to accommodate four leaflets or shootouts or a whole booklet containing a summary of the content
  • Apart from this, one more reason cited by the experts is that they are very economically viable compared to slimline, digipak and all other forms of discs on the market.
  • Nonetheless, digipak should be your first choice, if you want your album to be more special and classy, as it is mostly made of cardboard paper.
  • This digipak may be a little pricey, but it comes with unmatched looks that will help you draw the attention of your audience.