Icons would always leave an extraordinary carved outline and memories which would be remembered in generations to come. They create a grin at the faces of the citizens and sometimes amaze them with their extraordinary activities. There have been the world’s top artists who had been creating amazing songs that amazed and shocked the world of their qualities.

These stars are known for their great qualities on their songs which has been the reason behind their success so far. Some had passed away but still live with the amazing songs they created during their lifetime. Due to these great memories, they have created so far. It’s should always remain a pleasure to discuss always. If you muse to know these stars, below are the top artistes that amazed the world with their songs.



She is popularly known for her energy which has convinced the world that females can also be extraordinary despite their agenda. Rihanna created many memories which have been the reason why she is recognized as one of the best female Music artistes of the all-time. The astonishing part of this is that she created all in just a few years as she is already 32 years of age and still counting.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty who is better known by her stage name Rihanna, is a Barbadian singer, songwriter, actress, and a businesswoman who was born on 20th, February 1988. She was born genuinely in saint Micheal and was raised in Bridgetown, Barbados where she achieved her educational qualifications. Rihanna’s passion to create extraordinary things were tremendously flowing in her vien when she moved to the US in 2005 and signed a record deal with DEF JAM recordings who offered her a great opportunity which she never joked with. Without slumping on her energy, she released her first album Music of the sun which thrilled the whole world in 2005. Everyone loved every rhythm she created on the album and she gained fame extraordinarily. There were tremendous awards that followed including Grammy awards after she had released more songs. Rihanna will always remain one of the highest award winning Music artistes with the sum of 9 Grammy Awards, 13 American music awards, 12 billboard music awards, and 6 six Guinness world records. She has so far amazed the world with her ever thrilling songs.

Despite achieving all big things, she felt to assist the world with her firm and created a foundation which it aim is to take care of the hopeless Children and provide them with the basic need of life which she named, Clara lionel foundation which she dedicated to her grandmother who passed away a long time ago. She is the world’s Queen.

Chris Brown

He is a great icon known for the great love songs he has created so far. A memory of love has been a line Chris brown has left a long time ago and the most thrilling is that he still does that today which still sour his identity. The world’s favorite and one of the sexiest male Music artistes has been a reason many keep grinning since years back and counting just because of his qualities on his songs. He has so far proved his worth too.

The great man poorly known as Christopher Maurice Brown is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor who was born on 5 May 1989. Tappahannock, Virginia. During his teenage, he was involved in his church choir and tremendous music shows where he first proved his passion for music. There was many qualities that infused his music qualities and he signed to Jire Records in 2004. That was a superb opportunity for him to create good songs and he did, releasing his debut album which was titled by his name. Many were thrilled and he gained fame. The following year, he released FAME in 2011 which won him tremendous awards like the Grammy for best R and B album.

The boss will always be appreciated profoundly for the memories he has created so far with his songs.



Beyonce became known by everyone after her iconic performances with her dance group which she titled Destiny child, one of the best selling girls group of all time. She is also a great female Music artiste who created iconic memories with her great songs which still trend in the early generation. She is a queen to the king Jay Z.

Beyonce Beyouncé Gisselle Knowles Carter is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actress who was born in Houston Texas. Her passion for music was tremendous and genuine as she performed in many Music concepts showing her qualities. She gained fame and released great songs that won her many Grammy awards including dangerously in love which topped US Billboard 200 chart.

There’s no doubt she is the queen, having created a lot of unforgettable memories.

Micheal Jackson

Micheal Jackson

The well known late king of pop will always remain the master of wonders, having done unforgettable amazing things with his songs. He created a legacy that is still flowing despite his death. He is a hero who brought many extraordinary phenomena to the world when he was alive. He is with no doubt one of the greatest of all time who amazed the world with his songs.

Micheal Jackson was regarded as the greatest entertainer in the history of Music having done many wonders which thrilled the whole world to the extent that they dragged if he was really a human.

The eight sons of Jackson’s family took his music life extremely so seriously despite his tiny age and had his debut with Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon in 1964. Those guys were his brothers who formed a music group with him which they named the Jackson 5. There were many qualities from the group which attracted the attention of the world and they gained fame extraordinarily but because he was the lead singer, his fame was more rigid than others. He became famous at his tiny age. Everyone loved him and he gained a tremendous amount of fan base. In 1971 he signed a record deal with Motown Records and began his solo career which was the start of his wonders. His music videos were superb ranging from bill Jean to thriller as he invented a lot of dance steps which are still complicated to many dancers to learn. He went on and became the highest award-winning Music artistes in the whole world. Despite his death, he is still the greatest award-winning Music artiste.

The black American songwriter, singer, and dancer will always remain a great icon to the whole world having proved his worth extraordinarily. His moonwalk dance will always remain the best.

Juice Wrld

Juice Wrld

Jarad Anthony Higgins is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter who was born in Chicago. His music talent was extraordinary and genuine which promoted him very higher than ever. He is also one of the music artists who amazed the world with great songs. It’s so sad to tell that the great legend died of drug addiction but despite that, the songs he left are still trending and are the best. He is a legend.

The great teenager’s debut single lucid has been played one billion times on Spotify, which has amazed a tremendous population of people. The great guy released his debut album titled goodbye and good Riddance which thrilled thousands and he rose to fame entirely but was shot of his glory after he died of drug addiction. He couldn’t stay up to enjoy the amazing songs he has released after several years. He will always remain an inspiration to many teenagers as they grow with much energy in their careers.

There is no doubt he is a legend having created a legacy so far.