Top 5 Things to Test with Your Music Group Before The Event

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Music is always an integral part of every event. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, a bachelor’s party, a corporate gathering, or a close-knit get-together, without live music, everything seems boring. For a small gathering, many people choose to employ a DJ or someone they know is good at playing a musical instrument to ensure guest entertainment. Nevertheless, the experience of a live music band is still unmatched. If you’re still organizing an event and talking of hiring a live music band, it’s time to learn the top five things to check with your band before the event.

Information about their previous gigs

Ask information about the venue or clients for which they have performed in some of their notable previous gigs. It is always a good idea to dig deeper when you are hiring someone to ensure the success of your much-anticipated event. Even if you have found them by watching online videos of their performance posted on their website or social media, know about their previous gigs or clients and contact them to do a further inquiry about their professionalism and experience.

Number of singers or instruments they have

Instead of guessing from the videos of their previous gigs, it is best to ask about the number of singers or instruments they have straightway. For a small closet, an instrumental duo of two performers is perfect. You need to know how many singers or musicians will perform if you opt for a full-fledged band. This will help you to understand whether you need an acoustic duo, a three-piece band, or full-fledged band performance.

Do they accommodate special song requests?

You may love some specific songs that you want to include in the playlist. If the event is a wedding or a birthday, chances are more than the bride to be or the birthday boy has an emotional attachment with a particular song. So, never fail to ask whether they are ready to accommodate any special song request for the event or not. Some music bands are ready to learn one song free of any charge for weddings. However, if their vocal range could not seem suitable for the song, they may reject to accommodate the song request.

How much space they will need?

You must have a concrete idea about the space that they will need to offer an engaging live performance. While some bands prefer to play while standing in one place, there are others who move a lot while singing or playing a musical instrument. Ask about the actual space dimensions that they need and then try to figure out whether you can offer the same or not. Some bands also demand a changing room.

Number of hours for which they will perform

The length of the band’s appearance matters a lot. Some live bands tend to play for 3 hours, which can be distributed over the event for 4x 45 minutes. Breaks are also there because it is not possible to play constantly without being drained.

You may also inquire about public liability insurance or their right to work on the beach without any electrical outlets. Ask as many questions as possible so that you can hire the best live band for your event.

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