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Rihanna's relationship status so far

The great girl who has been thrilling thousands of people with her great songs has gone a long way in her relationship with her opposite sex so far. This article would show you how many guys Rihanna has dated so far. If you aspire to know them to check out below.

 Shia labeouf

When the boss lady Rihanna gained fame in 2000, she had a great nostalgia with the promising American Actor who is popularly known as Shia labeouf. It was known to the people that, that was Rihanna’s first-ever professional relationship status. There was much love affection from both to the extent that many believed they would tie the knot but everything swerved to negative, they couldn’t tie the knot and broke up.

Shia labeouf was an American Actor, performance artiste, and filmmaker who rose to fame with his numerous popular movies and other famous movies he featured in. He was known for his great talent on actions and love movies. Maybe that was one of the features that got Rihanna attracted to him. There’s no doubt about their departure for it’s stated nothing lasts forever.

 Christ brown

Not so long when everything seems to have ended, the boss lady announced that she has gotten another boyfriend. Very astonishing, it was the popular songwriter, singer, actor, and dancer known as Chris Brown. Everyone was thrilled for they were both in the same field. There was much love to the extent that they both released many great songs together, ranging from nobody business to put it up. As time passed they both broke up and departed.

It was popularly known that the popular dancer and singer became Rihanna’s second ex. This has been so puzzling.

 Matt Ken

The good girl swerved to the temperament of much relationship status and fell in love with Matt Ken in 2010. He is popularly known as a baseball player who is a professional in his field. They both shared a great love together for years which convinced the tremendous population of people that the great boss would settle with Matt but it never went positive.

With personal issues, they broke up and went solo. Will no doubt Matt became Rihanna’s third ex. Seems like the great girl is completely in search of the right person but no one is right.

 Travis Scott

His relationship with the boss queen Rihanna was pretty much hilarious because their relationship only lasted for a month. The American rapper and songwriter was popularly known for his love for the boss queen Rihanna but it seemed he was unfortunate. Everything never went right after one month. They broke up while the boss queen continued her search for her heart desire.

He became Rihanna’s fourth ex and it was known to everyone. There were no regrets from the boss queen as she went on in search of the right man.


She found love in the promising Canadian rapper and songwriter and fell in love with him also. There was much love affection which thrust both to release great songs together just to profess their love together. It all went right for a few years before she broke up with him amid personal issues. Her love with Drake was regarded as one of the greatest love because they were known as the world’s favorites.

Despite being recognized as the world’s favorite, it never lasted for more years. They left their love bond and Drake became Rihanna’s fifth ex-boyfriend.

 Hassan Jammel

Hassan Mohammed Abdul Latif Jammel became Rihanna’s sixth boyfriend and he is currently the lucky man now. He is a well-known businessman in Saudi Arabia where he has established a lot of firms. He is also the deputy president and vice chairman of Saudi Arabia’s operation of the family-owned by the international conglomeration business Abdul Latif Jamel. There haven’t been any grumbles or misunderstanding among them as their love still flows gingerly between each other.

He has so far been recognised as Rihanna’s bus stop amid her relationship status so far. There’s no doubt Rihanna is the queen.

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