Reasons Why Most People Don’t Believe In Corona Virus In Nigeria

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Reasons Why Most People Don't Believe In Corona Virus In Nigeria

The terrifying dangerous pandemic known generally as Coronavirus (covid_19) pandemic astonished the whole by stopping the world’s activities and sending everyone home which has resulted in a complete world’s lockdown. Everyone cries and announces the damage the great pandemic has caused so far ranging from the number of souls it has created and the hunger it has created also. Doctors and the government had been in full energy, fighting just to get it out with haste because it seems to have damaged a lot. There’s has been a lot of efforts from the government and the medical teams. We are so glad we have them.

As this revolves, somehow in Nigeria west Africa a tremendous population of people doesn’t believe Corona exists. It’s has been a treat that has exposed many to such disease. It’s time we discuss the reasons why these people don’t believe in Corona in Nigeria. Check out the reasons below.

Most people leaving in Nigeria are greatly in puzzlement on how the Nigerian Coronavirus cases arise every day while there are no Cases found by people. People kept on asking, how is this possible? Where are the patients if truly Corona exists? Other countries are more realistic for people to find cases around their environment but in Nigeria, people grumble there have been no cases around them. This has been the reason they beat their hearts and disbelieve about the Corona pandemic in Nigeria.

Arithmetically if it has arisen so high just like the media platforms report them, people would have been expressing cases around them but it seems not working. People became extremely unconcerned about the popular Coronavirus in Nigeria.

Government inability to care for the people amid lockdown

Most people in Nigeria believe the government should provide for their needs, if not; they would break the luck down rules and come out to fight for their needs. Despite that the government provided a forceful law attached to the luck down rules, people still break the rules ignoring the penalties that may follow. There has been a lot of reports from the citizens as they cry out for their needs so far they are forced to stay indoors. Due to these reasons, they don’t believe in dangerous Coronavirus.

Despite that many citizens obeyed the rules of luck down, 80% of the citizens had been breaking the rules just to fight for their wants. It has been a serious reason why many don’t believe in Corona.


Religions in Nigeria, namely; Muslim, Christianity, tradition, etc. Mostly has never believed in Coronavirus as 85% of the congregations claim that their God wouldn’t allow Coronavirus to affect them. It has never been found jocular as they are popularly known for the rigidity of their beliefs.

Despite that the medical teams requested total luck down and abstaining from public gatherings, some of the congregations in Nigeria attend churches, mosques, and so on. This has been a great reason why most people don’t believe that Corona truly exists in Nigeria. The hilarious part of it is that there haven’t been cases reported from congregations in Nigeria. Because of this, people don’t believe it exists in Nigeria.

 Masses are going hungry

Since the lockdown, Nigerian has been grumbling about hunger and the government seems to have failed on providing some foods to the grumblers, so they skipped the fear of being affected by Corona amid searching for what would Satisfy their famished stomachs.

They break the rules and move into markets in search of foods, creating more fear for the environment. There has been no doubt of their believes for it’s totally negative and they hate the word covid_19

People don’t see Corona victims around them

It’s true cases arise every day but people seem to believe that they are being tricked. This is because they have never seen a Corona patient or rather see a victim of Coronavirus while the medical teams in Nigeria report case every day. They were clear to their beliefs that corona doesn’t even exist as they commend such.

A leaked video of the Corona victims in the isolation center dancing and jubilating despite the claim that they affected, would always remain the reason why thousands of people believe Corona doesn’t exist in Nigeria.

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