You probably have been working hard for months to create the Music that you want to launch. You must make a convincing strategy in selling it.  Good Music is the one that sells, so be sure to create the best.

  1. The First Steps in Creating Good Music
  2. Write a song in your favorite niche.
  3. Then choose and arrange a promising track.
  4. Create your Music and listen to it. If it is good, then it will sound great when played.
  5. Think of something unique that could make it stand out. It should blend well with the lyrics to create good quality.
  6. Arrange your song to make it sound good and exciting to hear.
  7. Tracking is recording and making it ready to market. This is the final step of making a song.


  1. How to Promote Your Music


  • Create a website and mailing list

A website and a mailing list are benefits of the latest technologies and the internet.

There are varied ways of creating a smart-looking website. You can also find free online assistance in creating one.  Personalize it by posting images and tour dates.

It is also essential to create an extensive mailing list of people who are potential customers. Include an email signup form to enable direct access to people by email marketing. This type of marketing is the best way to reach people who want to engage with you.

  • Why would you need an Email List as a musician?

More people ignore Facebook and Twitter or even deleted their accounts because they found them nonsense.

It is a fact that more people have Email addresses than social media accounts. These are useful to businesses and their professional work. Facebook accounts number in billions, but email users outnumber them three folds.

  • Guide in Setting up an Email List

By sending emails, the fans will be updated with album releases, upcoming tours, music videos, and more about your Music.

An email is in direct contact with your fans. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram generate distracted attention of a hundred other accounts they see and follow in their accounts.

A sent email goes directly to the inbox of fans and informs them.

Once you have created a large email list of your fans, it would be easy to send them messages and other announcements you want to make.

  • Choose an Email Marketing Platform

You need an email marketing platform to manage bulk email.

For users with less than 2000, you can send 6 emails per month to all your fans before you can upgrade to a professional plan and send thousands more.


  • Establish an Attractive Social Status

Social Media is a powerful tool for advertisement nowadays. Develop and maintain a consistent presence across all social media platforms.


  • Get Your Music Playlisted

The most popular playlists currently are Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer. They reach millions of listeners. You can obtain thousands of streams if you can get your music track into these famous playlists. It will bring you bigger earnings.


  1. How To Promote Your Music and Earn Money
    • A Collection Society pays musicians who join them in a lift.
    • Try to get placements from agents.
    • Invest in your Music. Spend money on recording, mixing, and mastering to achieve good music quality.
    • Make use of Youtube Content ID – When your song is uploaded on Youtube, you are given an ID which it can identify. Ads will pay you when placed on your video.
    • Create Merchandise – You can sell merchandise like T-shirts, keychains, and other souvenir items together with your CD. Fans want something tangible that comes from the artist.
    • Create a Fandom. Connect with your fans, and they will love and support you. The rest will follow.


  1. The Best Places Online to Promote Your Music
  • Create Your Website with Wix Music

Wix sells your Music 100% free from the commission.

It provides 120 music channels on the internet.

Using your Wix account, distribute your tunes to online stores, Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.

Wix integrates promotion of your shows with BandsInTown or Songkick to sell your tickets and advertise your shows.

Ready-made lovely templates for your website.


  • Advertise and promote in BandsInTown and Songkick

A packed house like BandsInTown and Songkick are the best reasons why you get into Music. You can play in front of many people.

Their viewers get to see the latest shows.


  • Get your Personal Youtube Channel

Get discovered on Youtube like the famous artist Justin Biber. Youtube has made popular hundreds of young artists. You could be one of them.


  • Join Apple Music and iTunes and Host Your Music

They want to help users find new tunes.


  • Add your Music to

The smart online radio streaming you need to promote your Music


  • Get Familiar with Reddit Music

Get on the Reddit music thread and be viewed on the biggest page on the internet.

Share content with fellow musicians.


  • Upload to Spotify

Ranks among the top mobile and desktop apps.

Almost every artist is on Spotify.


  • Join @Twitter Music

A place where music fans choose their favorite band

Use hashtags to allow your fans the opportunity to find you.


  • Look for Music Blogs

Hire a famous music blogger and let him do the things for you.

They can be found in their channels equipped with email addresses. Find them and post a blog. Then let them build a local fanbase for you.


  • Let Dozmia Spread Your Music

Dozmia is a new less-saturated mobile app. Let it spread your Music across all mobile users.


This list of suggestions can be tried step by step or at random. Choose whatever suits your needs and whatever fits your budget. It would be a difficult job and heavy on your budget to try them all. All these tips and strategies have helped successful musicians in promoting their Music. The music industry is a tough way to go. Let these proven ways to guide your steps.