Meet five Nollywood stars who attempted singing

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Meet five Nollywood stars who attempted singing

It’s pretty much fun when this happened but they also surprised their fan base, reminding them that they also possess those singing qualities. The idea of such has created a great memory which are not meant to be forgotten. Some made a very great song while some distributed an awful song as commended by the fan bases. If you muse to know these stars then check out below.


Nkem Oworh

The funny Nigerian actor who is popularly known as osuofia had once amazed his fans and played a great role in music by releasing about three albums to his name.

Nkem Oworh released his albums several years ago but its qualities still remain in the hearts of his fan. It hilarious stake will ever remain the reason why his fan base will never get rid his songs. Despite that he is an actor, it thrilled tremendous fan base as they danced to his songs. These also reminded us of the music qualities he posses despite his other field’s status.

Mr ibu

John Okafor

The popularly known Nigerian actor who is better known by his hilarious qualties has also once amazed his fan base by releasing two albums to his name. The boss king who is better known by his acting name Mr Ibu has been an image qualties which is a blessing to the whole Nigerian. He does extraordinary things despite his age.

Several years ago, he released his two hilarious albums which are still played at the homes of many families. He didn’t only entertain his fan in the movie but also gave his fans some grin on his songs. In the songs he was spotted several times speaking about Nigerian situation and girls relationship with boys in such a hilarious manner. These had been a great legacy created by Mr Ibu so far. There’s no doubt he is the king.


 Tonto Dike

The boss queen is also known as one of the Nigerian actress that played a minor role in Music firm by releasing just one song to her name. Every fan were astonished when she anounced realising her debut single which kept all her fan base in ponder if she is about to quite acting so to porsure her music career but it all swerved after she didn’t go further. The song remained her ever only song till date.

Many of her fan never commended her song as a thrilling one which even killed her desire for a music career. 85% of her fan base condemned her song and regarded it as a trash. So she couldn’t have that courage to further. It’s funny how her son regarded it also as a trash. Despite that, she has been boosting in Nollywood.


 Patience Ozokwor

The popular Nollywood actress who is better known as mama G, several years ago proved that she has some music qualties by releasing an album which almost trended the whole country. The great woman who is known for her wicked acting roles in movies once astonished her fan base which are still embossed on their hearts. The song was great including the video which featured many actors making it thrilling to watch.

She has so far earned a great spot in the movie firm of Nigeria having contributed massively to it heirarchy so far. She is regarded as one of the elders of Nollywood.

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