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Latest Job Opportunities In Nigeria 2020


Nigeria is one of the top ranked countries in Africa in terms of growth.  Her fame is because of the entertainment industry.  She has one of the largest theater industries in Africa.  Nonetheless, the country also suffers from lack of adequate job chances to house all citizens especially the youth.  According to research, most Nigerians prefer a stable job that will earn them a stable income monthly. That is why we prepared this list of the latest job opportunities in Nigeria 2020:


It is a fact that business is one of the latest job chances in Nigeria. This is after citizens realized that they have to venture and be their own bosses.  Did you know that the richest people in the world are executives? Think about Jack Mah, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates among others.  The same is true in Nigeria as the richest people are executives and women. They include Tony Elumelu, Dangonte and Adenuga to mention bit a few.

Salary:  N50 million a month

Note that your income depends on your stock and the type of business you do.


Being a pastor in Nigeria would earn you much money. Did you know that vicars from this county earn more money than other countries?  If you can preach the word of God and deliver it then this is a chance for you.

Pay: N3million per month


The population of this country grows rapidly. There are more births recorded per day than deaths.  The population of pupils in schools grows rapidly. As result, they employ teachers to meet the required ratio of teacher per pupil.

Pay:  N40, 000 per month


Accountancy job is the latest job chance in Nigeria that you would like to consider.  Most organizations in this country require the services of an expert.  They are vital especially in playing financial roles.  They collect, present, and record and analyze all financial-operations.

Pay: N313, 000

Physicians (public health)

After Nigeria recorded up to 56 000 cases of coronavirus, the state will employ more physicians. They will play a role in disease control. These experts have many chances in the county right now.

Pay:  N796, 000 NGN


Nollywood is the second film producer in the world.  The industry is worth $ 10.5 billion. Many people in this country earn a living from acting, singing, drawing or dancing.  Since many people across the world love Nigerian movies, new the industry need new artists yearly.

Pay: $1,000


Engineering is a wide field like robotics, automation, and fabrication among others.  These experts are a hot cake in this society.

Pay:  N250, 000

Marketing managers

This country has many companies and businesses.  Some of these companies sell the same products. It is a matter of how you promote your products. These experts play this role properly. This is a lucrative career in this country.

Pay:  N4038912


Nigeria is a popular country in terms of entertainment, oil and gold mining.  She creates many job chances yearly.  Above are some of the latest job opportunities in Nigeria.

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