With love in the air and Valentine’s Day around the corner, Idahams, the fast-growing instrumentalist, artist, songwriter, and producer of Universal Music Group, is scheduled to release a multi-single collection, “Shima” and “Enter My Eye” for lovebirds everywhere.

Produced by Yussy Beats, “Enter My Eye” is the perfect tune to play to convince your lover that “your love is no dey for cunny and no eye service” The steady paced melodic tune shows how far lovers are willing to go to show their affection for each other. It reveals how strong and blinding love is, so much so that it throws all the logic out.

The second song, “Shima,” produced by Idahams himself, speaks of a young lover who is too afraid to show his true feelings to his love interest. He secretly hopes that she will resist the advances made by other men, and give him a chance to prove how much he loves her by showing that she is his “Shima.”

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