A former beauty queen and ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Chinonso Opara, popularly known as KimOprah, has said that contrary to what some fans think, former contestants of the reality television show are not in competition with one another.

She said to Saturday Beats, “There’s no rivalry between ex-housemates, particularly the ladies, and I think it’s about time we stopped pitching women against each other.

Why are men not pitched against each other? When there’s some rivalry going on, it’s between males and females, both of the housemates. What they are trying to do is do better to ‘make it.’ No rivalry exists between former housemates, rather, It’s pretty much a rivalry between their history and where they want to be.

“I went into BBN solely to portray myself as an international brand so that I could attract the market I wanted. I spent only two weeks in the house but (the show) introduced me to the market. My hard work has helped me to achieve what I have so far.

“Since I shot into the limelight, I have been more careful with what I post online and what I say because people are watching me. They are not just watching because they admire me, they’re also trying to find faults so they can judge me. I would rather do things on my own terms than give people the chance to criticize me.

Talking on how fans led to some of the tension between ex-housemates, KimOprah said, “Fans are fostering enmity among housemates because most of the housemates are actually talking to their fans. Therefore, people prefer to think about what fans claim as the feeling of the housemates. This may also be false alarms and this affects the relationships between people.

On living for public approval she added:

“We should live for ourselves, not for other people’s happiness. If people are really your fans, they would accept you the way you are, despite whatever shortcomings you may have. Why live for social media when you can just be yourself and still have genuine love?’’