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How to know that music is your calling

Some people say that music is a calling. Others claim that music is a talent. While others believe that they can study music and get it right. We hear people sing day-in, day-out, the question is, are they musicians? So how do we tell that music is a calling?

Let us look into five aspects that tell us more about music:

When one cries during useful arts

Have you ever come across a person crying while listening to music? What is the cause of their tears? We can try this out. You a person is alone in the house or a car, they do listen to some good music and boom! They just start weeping. You find yourself air drumming or singing loud in the bathroom.

We have also seen people tearing up when they listen to a solo guitar. Some people cannot just help but to sing the choruses all the time. This simply insinuates that music is your calling.

Playing music makes you feel like that little girl or boy back then

Can you remember back in elementary school how life used to be? Many kids were early waiting for the bell just to go play outside. They will enter their classes with untied shoes or untied tie, and immediately, their teachers would send them out.

Today, music can take you back to those days, especially when you listen to some old pieces. Regardless of your daily activities, you always think of that Saturday rehearsal encourages you to finish your demanding job.

This simply shows that it is in you, and you cannot deny it.

When music takes you to someplace

Have you ever listened to some pieces of music, then you find yourself in some places? Music has definitely remained you of those places. Let us pick this truck, “Sailing with my love” when you listen to this song, it will remind you of some special places, people, and events of the past

We can compare music with some time capsule that recovers every moment in time. Did you know that most music fans who have never tried playing any instrument still feel it whenever someone else plans it? If you listen to any song and you do not shake any part of your body, then music is not for you.

Break down details of other peoples’ music

If you find yourself in a situation of deconstructing other peoples’ music, then you have the calling. You will find yourself figuring out what lacked and what you can add, among other factors. There are situations that a person says, “I think they are playing the guitar too fast.” “This song has a too long chorus.”

These will definitely help you excel in music. When you hear some great song, then you just grab a guitar and wants to perform it better, the calling is in you.

Open-mind about different genres of music

Listen to different genres, jazz, hip-hop, RnB, and Rock, among others. If you can recognize and appreciate good music, then you will definitely make a good artist.

Indeed music is a calling that you can easily identify through the above-discussed points. Start practicing today and make it perfect.

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