From years past, the world was so fortunate to have experienced and enjoyed the impact, the great Micheal Jackson gifted out to his name. He was recognized as the world’s greatest music artiste just because of the hierarchy he has sponsored the world’s music firm to. Because of the great role he has played, he will ever be remembered of his wonders despite the tragedy of his death.

Micheal Jackson who was the 8th son of his family was the symbol of greatness and qualities despite his young age which resulted in the legacy he left so far. He began his music career alongside his five brothers. They created a group which was named the Jackson five. From their qualities, they performed with consistency until they were fully known. Micheal Jackson became the most famous among them because he was the lead singer despite being so tender. After several honors, Micheal Jackson went solo and began his wonders. The rest was history as he banged many honors and became the greatest entertainer in the history of music.

This article has gathered some of the five wonders of Micheal Jackson which he gifted the whole world when he was still breathing. Check out below and enjoy Michael Jackson’s wonders.

His great songs

Ranging from his solo debut to his last song, he was known for his greatness by bagging many awards with his songs. He thrilled millions of people around the whole globe with the qualities of his songs. The lights of beat it, thriller, Earth song, and many more will ever remain the best songs ever which the whole enjoy every day despite his death.

His music videos are ever thrilling to watch having introduced many classes of entertainment to the whole world via his music videos. There is no doubt of his qualities. Micheal Jackson was known as one of the greatest streamed music artistes in the whole world when he was alive. Millions of people thrill to his songs even today.

The qualities of his songs were so great to the extent that people assured that Micheal Jackson in must believe would claim one or two awards every single year. He did show great wonders on his songs.

His dance skills

In his era of wonders, Micheal Jackson astonished the whole world and invented many dance skills which have been the greatest dance skills so far. He further applied all on his music videos and during live shows which have been the reason his fan base remains the greatest of all time. His ever incessant urge to satisfy the world’s nostalgia for great entertainment resulted in his iconic dance skills.

Each dance step he invented was given a name by him which was so easy to note. Below are the dance skills he invented.


  • Circle
  •  Tap dancer Bill Bailey
  •  Spin
  •  Robot dance
  •  Anti-gravity lean
  •  The kick
  •  The toe stand
  •  The pelvic thrust
  • The church hop


Bagging many awards

There’s no doubt of this wonder for his songs will ever remain the best. The qualities from his songs earned him tremendous awards and he became the world’s most award-winning Music artistes. To date, many stars have not beaten his record of winning the most Music awards. He has been the greatest thing the Music world ever earned.

Unlike many Music stars, Micheal Jackson shocked the world by bagging tremendous awards like 13 Grammy, 6 Brit awards, 5 Billboard music awards, and 12 Guinness world records. From there, he proved he is one of the greatest of all time

His stage performances

Of course, there hasn’t been any music star who has break the record Micheal Jackson has set so far amid his stage performances. He was the greatest artiste who recorded tremendous of people who collapsed during his show. This doesn’t actually easily happens on other stars shows but in Michael Jackson’s show, it’s pretty much glaring. He was known as one of the greatest entertainers in the history of music.

Here was the place he showed his wonders via his stage performances blow. Enjoy Micheal’s moves below.


His Charities

He was also popularly known for his charities ranging from the children to the adults. He loves to see the great grin from the people just because of his charities. Most of his incomes were spent on charities as he went worldwide giving out charities to the needy. Other stars do these but non took it much far more than the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

So far he has driven his charities to china, Africa, Japan, and many other countries where he showed a great love of humanity. This shall never be forgotten in the hearts of his fan forever.