Healthy Habits: How Brooke Burke Stays Fit at 50

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In this blog post, I will discuss the daily activities I have done to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Growing older is not fair. It changes your body, your mind, and even your mood. The individual who successfully gets past these ups and downs with their health is the one who really wins because they were able to keep their head up high and live life to the fullest at any age.

Everyone wants to know how someone stays fit in their 50s but it’s not that easy; there are a lot of factors involved like genetics, luck of being in great shape or having good habits after reaching adulthood, etc. I’m not saying it’s impossible to keep your body looking good after years of living but what I can tell you is that everyone is different, everyone has a different story and everyone has a different body.

In a recent interview with Celebwell, Brooke Burke shares 12 healthy habits that she follows and has helped her stay fit for the past two decades. She also shares a few of her favorite exercises, and her tips on how to make working out fun again.

Habit 1: Time is everything

Brooke Burke, the 50-year old actress, businesswoman, and presenter emphasized that it is important to “Set aside time for YOU,” whether it be 30 minutes or an hour. She says that she takes her time to do everything she wants to do, not a minute less! She states that doing things she enjoys, helps her feel happy and makes her feel good about herself.
According to her, you need to have a schedule that works for you and it should be something that you love to do. She shared how important it is to have a routine where you know what to do every day and that includes your workout time.

Habit 2: Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is pretty much a diet that involves eating a few meals in 24 hours. You don’t need to stick to eating healthy or exercising but it helps if you already do so.
Brooke Burke states that she does not follow any specific diet but that she does follow intermittent fasting with a resting window of 16 hours and eat for the eight-hour window. In her words “I intermittently fast most every day.”
The point of this diet is that it keeps your metabolism working in a stable way with minimal spikes and without any drastic changes. It has been said that eating certain foods can make your body store fat so it is best to eat small amounts of good stuff instead of a lot of not-so-good stuff.

Habit 3: Diet is not her thing

She does not have any crash diets or strict diets to follow. She says she hates the word diet because she sticks to eating healthy in small portions every day. She does not believe in calorie counting but she does eat healthy for the most part.
She also believes that moderation is your smartest approach. If you do want to lose weight, it is best to try and reduce your calories from junk food or there are always calorie counting apps out there. From her point of view, healthy life is all about being consistent and having a routine where you know what to do every day — whether it’s running on the treadmill or lifting weights at the gym.

Habit 4: Her workouts are unique

Brooke Burke is a fan of body sculpting and she does different things every day. She believes that working out should be fun. She feels that if you are not interested or inspired to work out, you will lose interest and give up easily.
Brooke Burke’s advice to other people is not to spend long hours reshaping your body. However, you have to be consistent and make sure that you stick to your workout routine. She also stresses finding your inspiration, if you do not have a goal or if you are not inspired to work out — then you will not be successful in keeping up with your routine.

Habit 5: She prefers Mediterranean Style Eating

Brooke Burke states that she prefers healthy fats such as olive oil and avocados, vegetables, lean proteins, beans, and nuts.
Brooke Burke says “I eat a very Mediterranean-style diet.” She follows Mediterranean-style eating which is basically a measure to control your weight by eating better and adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. This kind of eating plan limits red meats and sugar, olive oil is used instead of butter, there are no foods that are fried or processed, etc.
Mediterranean-style eating is known for its positive influence on the heart and blood vessels. The Mediterranean-style eating plan is also associated with better health, weight loss, more energy, less inflammation, and muscle toning.

Habit 6: She is a Biohacking nerd

Biohacking is the modification of your own biology through the use of technology. Brooke Burke states that she is constantly trying new technology tools and supplements to feel better and look better.

She depends on supplements and specific technology to improve her health. Biohacking has grown in popularity in recent years because of the new possibilities it offers us and how neat it can be to change our own bodies on our own through the use of science, medicine, and technology.
The main objective for Brooke Burke is to feel good about herself, so she is frequently trying different things in order to do that.

Habit 7: She loves health apps

Brooke Burke loves to use fitness and health apps. She says there are so many great apps that help you track your health and wellness from your phone. These apps will help you improve the way you live and keep you motivated.
Another good thing about most of these applications is that you can get them for free to track weight loss updates, sleep goals, and other things that you can use to keep yourself in check.


In order to achieve your staying fit goal, it is always better to have a routine plan and follow these healthy habits. If you really want to stick to your routine plan and make it a habit, then you need to be consistent in your actions and not give up easily.

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