Everyone has a certain way of expressing their emotions. But the songs and music played at the funeral should be such that it reveals the meaning and dimension of the feelings that words can not express to our loved ones. A few forms of music played at a funeral are listed below.

  • Traditional Funeral Music

If you are holding a religious funeral, traditional funeral music will be sung at the service. Religious songs and hymns are played, and you could also include a piece of popular music by contacting your religious leader.

  • Live Music At Funeral

Live music has become very popular at the memorial service in recent times. Live music is performed by a musician, or you could even employ a band or a soloist to perform at a funeral. You could even hire a live pianist to weave magic with the beautiful notes of the funeral ceremony.

  • Pre- Recorded CDs Or Songs

It’s not always possible to hire a band for your memorial service, but that doesn’t make your funeral service any less special. You could always opt for pre-recorded CDs or songs that link us to memories of times, places with loved ones. Music is a means through which we communicate and connect to our loved ones.

There are several other ways to play music at a funeral, such as funerary violin music or wake-up music, among others. Music can help us stir up memories that have been forgotten for a long time and help us resurface the good times we spend with our loved ones. Music helps us in the grieving process and enhances the experience of funeral ceremonies positively and appropriately.

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