Dax, an international Nigerian Canadian rapper and songwriter, has astonished us once again with his latest smash single, “Why So Serious?

The new single’s title is “Why So Serious?” Dax has demonstrated that music has only gotten better, as the song is already causing a stir in the streets, as people are awestruck by his brilliance.

Quotable Lyrics:

Last time that I talked you guys you thought I was mental
I explained how I felt cause I thought you were people I could vent to
But you just laughed, said I’m crazy, stupid, and slightly special
That I should quit, or end my life so now i resent you
Now I’m in a room all by myself
Get your hands off me I don’t need your help
You don’t care about me or how I felt
My heart, my mind, my soul or health
I was so damn heated I thought I was gonna melt
You discarded my cries and now ima have to yell
Just look in my eyes tell me what they spell

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