The friendship between Erica and Kiddwaya who are currently among the most successful housemates in the Big Brother Nigeria Lockdown edition may soon come to an end despite what it might seem.

We all remember how from the second week of the series Erica and Kiddwaya were both loving up in the house.

Also in the spirit of love and passion, Kiddwaya has said that his love affair with the beautiful Erica will not end in the House. But sadly, Erica had asked Kiddwaya to stay away from her, as he does not openly support her.

And Kiddwaya, she says, allowed Wathoni to disrespect her in public. It all started on Friday when the Housemates had a general discussion and Erica said that she couldn’t chase a man, and never would.

In response to Erica ‘s comment, Wathoni asked Kiddwaya if he hadn’t chased any girl and Kidd responded that he didn’t chase girls. The remark by Kiddwaya got Erica so angry she left the garden in frustration.

Upon arrival at the HoH lounge, Erica asked that she and Kidd return to being only friends after saying that the 27-year-old never openly supports her. “What am I doing even to you? First of all, I feel really bad about having anything to do with you.

You ‘re a hypocrite, “said Erica,” Wathoni ‘s actions make me realize first of all why I don’t like her.

I realize she’s not fond of me and I don’t like her. “She continues to throw shades but never does something end. She gossips a lot, she tries to guess every time and then she tries to start a drama by saying lots of things.

Erica said:

   “You also added to it. If I’m with somebody I expect the person to always be on my side. You’re always trying to be safe. “You don’t always have my back. In private you chat me but in public, you try to sit on the fence.

“Know where you want to stand and stand there, is anybody going to beat you? You need to stand for one thing. You saw that she was trying to throw shade at me and you still fell for it.”